Last sunset of 2015.

016Be happy for every moment that has gone away in 2015.Good hopes for coming live moments,in 2016.Learn to smile on mistakes,and misfortunes,that  occurs in our lives.Do not afraid about future .keep up struggling for good experiences for batters.Love yourself ,and support people around you. Make some good memories.

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Natural diet, for humans.

povertyAs we are the humans, living bodies ,just alike other creatures on this earth,but intakes and food ,is different from other, living bodies.It is natural,that humans,animals,trees,plants,birds,insects and many other  categories of creatures ,have to feed themselves ,with their own natural food.

We as a human living,have changed the natural feeding ways and foods.In short we have started plant manufactured and formula foods.That has pushed us in most harmful and painful situations.May be these self prepared foods are tasty, delicious, and beautiful,but these are not the replacement of natural food.Though we use natural ingredients in preparing process.

These self prepared foods are the main cause of our sickness.We must start to eat natural food, that grows naturally, on earth, in earth and on trees and plants .We can reduce our bodies from sickness, by using only fruits,vegetables,seeds ,roots and flowers without cooking, simple boiling, or cooking  on low heat, by adding no spices, or very low amount.

Happy new year & merry chrismas


The humanity and the hole world, is in threat, of hunger ,terror and violence. Threats of, poverty,and problems for the humans, are on the peek, to make the earth, burning.

Let us try to make this earth, beautiful, and peaceful for ourselves and the humanity,at all over the world, in our strength,and as a hole world.

Let us think for the poor,sick and uneducated population in the world.

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Unrest world.

IMG_20151209_140001.jpgThe baby, aging afew months doesn’t know, why the world in unrest.In most parts of the world’s there is a small or big ,violence. There are fights, battles, disputes and conflicts ,and so on.May be,  since the history of human ,started ,this disorder is a part human’s society. Why it is like this? They don’t know.May he try to understand, later when he grow up. His mother will tell him the reason behind the terror and unrest, though yet she don’t understand.In his neighboring some an old man told, that reasons behind the unrest and voilance are the powers and borders.But the wide spread idea of a backwards village head, is politics, theories, visions and power, many more.This baby didn’t understand so for, they ask, why and when, these borders ,and different theories were made?Baby don’t know, mother don’t understand ,and old man can’t explain.God knows, better!