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mansoor malngi a folk punjabi singer,very popular in Pakistan


Raised hands,for a noble cause.

Imran khan a legend,former cricket star ,world famous personality,the chairman of a political party  (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Pakistan ) raising his hands for prayers,after inaugurating the  second cancer hospital ,in pakistan,for free cancer treatment of needy peoples,in the memories of his late mother Shaukat Khanum.God bless Imran Khan, for the gift ,he struggled ,made and handed over to the pakistani nation.                                   10488223_1271004139608670_2828751068215598740_n

33,Years together.

1982  To 2015,

         Mr.Fu.zaman and Mrs.Perveen Akhter ,got engaged in 1982, in the age of 22 and 20 years, respectively.Passed 33 years of their life together, through all thick and thins.They have seven children .The youngest one is 23, years old.Living all together as a joint family.This is a memory ,written to renew the promise of love, done at marriage time agreement. Living in Suburbs of Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Waiting wish.

wishes would never fully achieved, in our lives.After the fulfill; of thousands of of wishes and ambitions, we still say: it is not enough; may be it is the nature of human beings.We living in the fourth corner of the third world, we dont know, that where is the world ?and how is its beauty ?.We could wish to see the beauty of European countries, and other continental earth, but is our “last wish ” only.We have so many other problems, in our lives.

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