Snow fall at Margalla Hills, Islamabad, Pakistan.

On 13, February,2016, it was an amazing day,at Islamabad National Park.After 35 years once again a beautiful winter day ,with sweet ,pleasant snow fall,made all over white spread sheet, covered the hills, bended the trees and broken the branches,in the park and hills.It was a wonderful day ,after 35 years,in islamabad pakistan.IMG00380


The third corner of third world.


In last month of 2015,we got connected with the internet world,may be it is surprising for the readers,but it is true.Most of the areas of my country are still facing lake of communication,lake of energy,and other facilities,like education and health facilities.

This is most common that ,we burn wood for cooking and heating purposes,we travel 45 kilometers to get doctor,our children travel 25 kilometer to attend the college,our students,can not reach the university level education due to poverty and distance between institutions and home.Public travel to cities and back  in pick ups and on the roof of buses.

May be it is strange but this all is a part of our daily life.