Unrest world.

IMG_20151209_140001.jpgThe baby, aging afew months doesn’t know, why the world in unrest.In most parts of the world’s there is a small or big ,violence. There are fights, battles, disputes and conflicts ,and so on.May be,  since the history of human ,started ,this disorder is a part human’s society. Why it is like this? They don’t know.May he try to understand, later when he grow up. His mother will tell him the reason behind the terror and unrest, though yet she don’t understand.In his neighboring some an old man told, that reasons behind the unrest and voilance are the powers and borders.But the wide spread idea of a backwards village head, is politics, theories, visions and power, many more.This baby didn’t understand so for, they ask, why and when, these borders ,and different theories were made?Baby don’t know, mother don’t understand ,and old man can’t explain.God knows, better!


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